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Vordingborg Museum Denmark

Keith Williams Architects was invited by Anlægsfonden Vordingborg Borgfond (Construction Foundation Vordingborg Borg) to take part in the limited design competition to create Vordingborg Museum Denmark (Danmarks Borgcenter), a new museum of history in the historic maritime Danish town of Vordingborg, to the south of Copenhagen.

The site for the new museum was set among the ruins of Vordingborg Castle, the primary extant remains  of which include the Goose Tower and the castle fortified walls which once formed the  old royal castle which dates from circa 1364.

The firm’s proposed designs clearly identify the new museum as one layer among many layers of history that collectively comprise the castle and its grounds, whilst introducing strengthened connections with Castle Square and the town centre. The new scheme fuses the historic with a new contemporary architecture clearly of its age such that it is distinct from the ancient structures that surround it.

Through its liner columnar design, location and choice of materiality it is appropriately formed, scaled, located and detailed to ensure a complete and harmonious composition when read with  Vordingborg Castle, the Botanic Gardens, Goose Tower, the Historic Castle Walls and the Harbour. New stronger connections with Castle Square and the town centre for part of the site wide masterplan.

The new museum, which also includes the conversion of a former stables block which date from the early 1800s, forms part of a tableau of layers of history stretching over 1,000 years as represented through landscape and structure, that in combination give Denmark’s Borgcenter, and its story of its Medieval period, a unique expression.

Client : Anlægsfonden Vordingborg Borgfond

Area : 1880m2

Budget : DKK30 million