Keith Williams FRIBA

28 january 2016 : Keith Williams at the Architecture Light Space Conference in Warsaw

At the invitation of Marek Orlowski, President of the Polish Association of Lighting Industry, Keith Williams delivered a themed lecture at the Architecture Light Space Conference in Warsaw.

Exploring the conference themes by reference to the use of artificial light in his own work, and the transformational effect that high quality lighting can have on the public realm, Keith championed the greatly extended appeal and draw of important public urban spaces that has been made possible by the inclusion of artificial light within our cities. He spoke of the way in which the best lighting designers with whom he works such as Mark Sutton-Vane and Mark Major, are using lighting to draw out the shape, form and texture of architecture and its materiality.

Keith also reflected on wider societal issues raised by a series of NASA photographs which record the vast areas of planet earth that humankind lights up each and every night. In particular he expressed great concern over the vast amount of energy expended globally in lighting the outside of buildings and their interiors even when they were unoccupied, going on to call for global initiatives to tackle what he perceived to be an unsustainable waste of the planet’s resources.

The conference took place at the Warsaw EXPO XXI Centre, Gnacego Prdzyskiego 12/14, 01-222 Warszawa, Poland