Kulturhaus Alzenau Germany

The images show the firm’s designs for the new Kulturhaus Alzenau Germany, a 10,500 m2 concert/events hall and music school complex in Alzenau a small town east of Frankfurt. Keith Williams Architects was invited by the city (Stadt Alzenau) as part of an invited international architectural competition. The Kulturhaus was the key public building set within a new area wide landscape project ”The Kulturpark” which envisaged the reinstatement of former industrial land to create the site for a Garden Festival. Our vision for the Kulturhaus took the form of a pier projecting into the gently sloping river valley. The pier contained a 1,000 seat multi modal concert hall and conference space (2000 standing for events). The new music school, the principle centre for music education within the project, was placed across a new forecourt with supporting accommodation running in a curved building following the town’s roadway edges, connected the complex into the existing street pattern.

The principle images show the new building appearing to hover above the wetlands of the Kulturpark ensuring that the building’s impact on the ecology was minimised.

Materials are bronze and bronze coated aluminium sheet panels.

Client : Stadt Alzenau
Programme: 2009 – 2010
Area : 10,500m2
Budget : €12.5 million