Unicorn Theatre by Keith Williams Architects shortlisted for the Architecture Today Awards 2022

30 September 2022 : Unicorn Theatre shortlisted for the Architecture Today Awards 2022

It has just been announced the Unicorn Theatre has been shortlisted for the Architecture Today Awards 2022, a new awards program focussing on celebrated buildings that have stood the test of time.

Architecture Today, one of the UK’s most influential architectural publications states in the introduction to its awards programme…

“The Architecture Today Awards represent a cultural shift away from celebrating newness and towards a focus on longevity. In stark contrast to most awards programmes, the Architecture Today Awards has only considered projects that have been in use for at least three years and which can demonstrate a strong track record for delivering on their environmental, functional, community and cultural ambitions.

Our expert panel has shortlisted 32 buildings across nine categories: Residential; Education; Healthcare; Hospitality, Sport & Leisure; Mixed Use & Retail; Religion & Culture; Transport, Infrastructure, Landscape & Public realm; Workplace and International.

Our aim is to engender a focus on building performance evaluation and shared learning that is essential if we are to bring about the step change in performance the industry so desperately needs.

Finalists for the Architecture Today Awards have been selected by a panel of technical experts measuring key areas of performance criteria including construction approach, environmental performance, user comfort and well-being, accessibility, inclusivity and legibility, adaptability and flexibility, facilitation of sustainable lifestyles, robustness and resilience, biodiversity and natural capital, social impact, civic pride and sense of place, and contribution to shared learning.

Winners of the Architecture Today Awards will be announced in February 2023 after presenting their projects to a live jury and audience at an event held in London on 7 November.”

The full list can be seen at