Civic Trust Awards

30 november 2022 : 64th civic trust awards final judging concluded

The final judging of the 64th Civic Trust Awards, the 2023 round, has now been completed.

Overseen by Keith Williams in his role as Chair of the Civic Trust Awards National Panel, the judging process took place over 3 days starting on 7th, 8th and finally 28th November. The Panel met to determine which projects were to be awarded one of the highly prized  civic trust awards or to be Highly Commended, and also which schemes were to receive one of the five Special Awards.

The National Panel’s judging processes was  kindly hosted by the London School of Economics (LSE) and we are grateful to National Panel member Julian Robinson, Director Estates at the LSE for hosting.

This year was the first session since 2019 that the Panel have been able to meet in person and Panel members greatly appreciated the chance to debate in projects while gathered in the same room. The final ratification on 28th November was conducted virtually but and in all cases, the level of interrogation, and debate was as animated and rigorous as ever. 

Now in its 64th year,  the Civic Trust Awards’ submission numbers have again held up well with projects received from the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, USA and Switzerland, reflecting the awards’ continuing international reach.

The final announcements will be made public in March 2023.

The Civic Trust Awards National Panel

The national panel for the 64th Civic Trust Awards with some new members, included Julian Robinson Director of Estates at the London School of Economics, Eleanor Young, editor of RIBAJ, John Davies, Head of Sustainability at derwent london, Martin Knight of Knight Architects, engineer Albert Taylor of aktii, Pascal Wensink, design director at EPR Architects, Neil Smith access consultant, Dominique Staindl PR consultant, and Clare Barton, a partner at architects Haverstock.