Concrete detail at the Novium

21 Nov 2012 : Keith Williams to lecture as part of Concrete Elegance : Intimate Spaces series at the Building Centre

Keith Williams will give a talk on the use of concrete is his seminal project the multi-award winning Novium Museum in Chichester as part of the Concrete Elegance : Intimate Spaces series of lectures at the Building Centre.

The 1,100 m2, the Novium spans the hypocaust of the extant remains of Chichester’s Roman baths, which have been incorporated in situ into the main entrance gallery as a permanent exhibit and an intrinsic part of the museum. The museum contains galleries over a further two floors, which have been designed to be flexible allowing both permanent and temporary exhibition, and education spaces, restoration, research and staff areas.

Characterised by the use of concrete, both in the form of pre-cast external cladding panels incorporating cast stone that give the exterior its characteristic appearance, and the carefully controlled use of in-situ concrete which forms the surfaces of the interior spaces, Keith will talk in detail over the careful specification and detailing needed to create such a building. The talk will also touch on issues of quality control on the site and the complexities of working with the construction team to achieve the end result.

Venue : The Building Centre 21 Store Street London WC1E 7BT

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